Funeral Arrangements

Services are a time to remind the community of the importance of honoring and respecting each life. Offering an opportunity for family and friends to come together as they mourn the passing of a loved one, a funeral service often takes place prior to a burial. Common practices include a clergy or family member leading the funeral service, eulogies from family members and close friends, and the recitation of prayers or psalms.

There are many different types of service options available, and the funeral director will guide you to find the most appropriate service for your family.

Traditionally, Jewish families elect to have funeral services at a synagogue, funeral home, or at the graveside. Jewish funeral and burial rituals may include tahara, dressing in a plain shroud, and a wood casket, which reflect the belief that the deceased returns to the world as they entered. Following a funeral service and burial, the family often returns home to begin shiva, the formal mourning period. During this time, it is customary for family and friends to visit and share memories and stories about the deceased.

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